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Writing on and off

For some reason, I can’t write when I’m blue. Personal issues are weighing me down and I can’t find the strength nor willpower to write. Got done with (1) article yesterday. Got done with (1) article today. Paid my rent early so at least that’s not hanging over my head.


My Day Off

Picture by Hay Kranen

Picture by Hay Kranen

>> I’m taking a day off from writing at Demand Studios in order to get my life back together. With this new opportunity in tow–I am now ready to live on my own after being out of college for almost 2 years. Living with the parents can be a nightmare in itself I think.

I’m taking time off to look at a small house in a small college town where I could possibly-finally-miraculously start a new small life. This town itself has some past baggage since I had lived there on-and-off after college. But it’s the only place I think of–when I think of “home.” <<

The Internet is the new Matrix, didn’t ya know? So are you plugged in or what? How long can you Twitter? lol. Anyways! I’ve been looking into it due to my marvelous habit of asking incessant questions, and have found out that the future of cyberspace and net applications are predicted to get very interesting coming 2020!

Also, there’s an Internet2 that may be going commercial, making everything virtual, encouraging the advent of ehealth, allowing us to have epantries that will be doing our grocery shopping for us and the list is infinite. Will look into more of this. A new book called, “The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It,” written by Jonothan Zittrain, looks hot.

…Saucy. Okay. I wonder, will any book publishers be interested in Little Miss Novice to well, investigate the technological landscape of the future to follow the fiber optic trails and see -what that thingy does! Just jokin.

Also, I was writing on the Demand Studios forum board yesterday, about the future of DS writers and after I was done reading my own piece of work, I concluded that I’d make a very good conspiracy theorist. I’ve got the imagination and for some reason, my attention span would rather debate about this stuff for hours, rather than get to work.

Tomorrow: Work at Demand Studios from 8 AM- 2 PM.  3 PM – 5 PM Investigate the Matrix : ] 6 PM-9 PM Write Biography. 10 PM- 11 PM Stare at a Wall. Good Schedule. Probably won’t happen exactly in this order, but we’ll see.

It’s tough grappling with the events of one person’s life, especially if it resembles a cyclone. This is the memoir of a 24-year old adopted Filipino growing up in Wisconsin and then moving to Phoenix, Arizona at age 15. Within the walls of these graffiti-filled pages are whimsical dream impressions, a crushing reality, inadequate parents, a post-traumatic brother, mystical experiences, pain, a new poodle named after Cassiopeia -the constellation,  and then some.

It’s tough coming from no place. It’s harder still when you’re done with college and ready to start a new life, but the ghosts of the past make you perpetually unhappy. Until the day, you find the courage to face the mess. Equipped with one  lap top, a Nike duffel bag of journals and still this beating heart that won’t give up–I’m turning a new leaf . I’m going to write this damned thing, my story, the unbelievable, the rattling, the poetic and yet ordinary.

This is a memoir of the girl that has passed through everyone’s fingertips. With a double-name and a pain buried deep. In the life she leads, she writes at Demand Studios by day and by night, she takes out the ciphers of her lost childhood and ridiculous life now, to finally put this endless puzzle–together. The challenge rises to new stakes. It’s called, hope.

Groundhog Day

It’s like that movie, “Groundhog Day,” where I’m repeating the same day over and over again. Everything’s the same.

Got free time tonight. I’m scanning the Internet for freelance copywriting jobs. Haven’t investigated enough. Trying to figure out a way to review, proofread or have a winning blog. Trying to find a niche subject. Others can earn money and work. I need to find out a way to do this on my own too. More research to be done. Yay…

Screw just 30 articles. I’m pulling a Julia and Julia, from that one movie about a woman blogging Julia Child’s French recipes for one year straight in hopes to reinvent her life. I’m hoping this challenge will be my boss, commanding me to finally do something in life and commit to a real test.

The test is on the side bar>> Read it and laugh, cry, pour out insolence, tell me I can’t do it, tell me I can. I’m still going to try anyway, because I just need a purpose in my life, a real mission. That will be challenging but not over the top vicious or anything. It’ll be achievable if I stick with the program every day.

Final month count down. Gotta finish my quota. Won’t be back until I finish at the minimum, 30 articles. Planning to spend office times at the public library, dress nice, sit at a quiet table, and then branch out to scout out books if it’s necessary. This anchors me with a sense of professionalism, which aids in the mega-boost factor of fast yet effeciet how-to articles.

The only way I work, is if I’m amped on coffee too. Gotta have my coffee fix! Because I miss the feeling of having a real job, with regular hours. This is one though, if I  treat it that way. Valentine’s day tomorrow. Wish I had someone to celebrate it with. But there’s no Mr. Right… yet.

I’ve been pushing over 30 articles a month for Demand Studios. Now I qualify for health care insurance! If I get the silver package, the most inexpensive one -with dental and vision care will cost about $100 a month. That’s pretty cool. I’ve got 90 days to debate about it and the next health care package offer will come on Dec. 1st.

Got a good lede up in Ecuador but I don’t wanna say too much. My God, it’s a gold mine where I’d be heading! A travel writer in the heat of the jungles of no man’s land…

>>Yes it’s a cool dream, the life of a travel writer, and I’m going to do it someday. Maybe not this instant but just as soon as I earn enough money. Oh geez.

Mary Morris, female travel writer, has been on my mind–thinking, how did she do it? Blasted, that woman’s a genius! San Miguel sounds like such a cool place to live too. I’m going there someday, along the ocean-side just as soon as I find my own place.

And that good ‘ole Rolf Potts: He’s got some major authentic travel experience and wise tips and I want to read his book, Vagabonding.

  • I’m waiting for my Passport in the mail just to have in case the U.S. turns into a socialist country.

[Hidden Tip: Start from where you are and then move out. Don’t just jump off to a new country when you only have enough savings to survive where you are. Plan methodically. Look at what you have and figure out what to do with it.]

“The Sonoran Desert is right next door to me, here in Arizona. Mostly, this area is a drive-through-only place, literally, with rest stops and fast food dives that encourage you to just keep on ’till you’ve reached the ocean, or the border…”

But alas, I am here smack-dab ugly metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Better face up to that fact.

  • I’ve whipped in (1) query letter about the Sonoran Desert

“The trick it to look at life from different angles. Now I would call this place a forsaken jewel. Living in the desert is just how you look at. Stand on it’s tan, rocky terrain at sunset, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see, life budding only in rare occasions, century-old cacti and howling coyotes… right on the other side of my brick wall…”

-Quote by Me/2010