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Holy cow my life is fickle. The fickle part is a person’s mind. It can be to some peeps. Today–I gathered writing assignments at Demand Studios and then I started a new nonprofit website of mine at: It”s a nonprofit I started and then went aloof on -after everything failed miserably. It was almost humorous it was such a mess. Now I’ve changed the entire concepts though to make it so that I’m enjoying myself [documenting sustainable and humanistic efforts to make the world a better place] trying to earn funds for other nonprofit organizations.


You go through these patterns and circular habits that end up munching the rest of your life away. You blink. It’s 10 years down the road and you’ve found yourself at the same crossroads. Jump, that’s what you’re suppose to do in this situation. Because if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll stay at this place of limbo forever. Mine’s lasted 2 years. Two years debating.

Two years unsure.

Two years doing the same shit because I’m too afraid to take a real chance–away from my comfort zone. Demand Studios, I hope you will stay with me as I try to dig myself out of this rut. Only I can get myself out of this rut.

By Pengo

By Pengo

I woke up this morning with the thoughts of Asia on my mind, traveling, living life on a whim. There was this sudden drive in me, strong as a train, to get my Visa 2 application documents ready to mail to a recruiting agency. 

The criminal background check  was done at my local police department this mroning, where a man in a wheel chair talked about the white sandy beaches of Mexico and Belize. He wanted to know what I was doing there.

“I’m trying to get outta here,” I say. “My soul’s aching to travel and see places. I just have to do this.”

I want stabilty but  not in the way of settling; maybe that’s what has scared me into being on the go again. Having a place to live has not made me happy; all I do is pace at my house, and when I’m with my boyfriend, I’m gazing out the window telling myself, “this is what I want.”

Still, I woke up this morning and felt change take over.

There’s  really no fooling the spirit in me, this twinkling thing that’s got years of disobedience and adventure still left crackling and stewing, smiling with a hint of mischeif, knowing me, the real me and that I haven’t given up yet.

There’s a woman I knew, who worked as a bartender in my mountain town. Her body was found 2 days after being reported missing, lying under the snow, a mile-and-a-half away from her car. I started the outlines of a beginning investigative story. It’s  been construed by the articles already published on the day she was found. I’ve got an inkling that there’s some foul play amidst the crime scene. It’s still an open investigation.

I’ll be waiting for the public documents regarding her death, ’till then.

Back Writing Again

By Kaitoon

By Kaitoon

Life winds you up -spits you out- and lands you back to a working machine even in the midst of obscurity. People are winding in their own drama; my roommates are both in relationships that I view as slightly insane, but my own accounts are just as worthy of the label. Lately I’ve been spending time on my own in a mountain town where I’m forgetting the time.

I just keep forgetting why I’m living at all: to experience new things and live life as bold as possible, to follow my happiness. I want this. I want to be happy. I want to move forward not back.

I’ve written two articles this morning and I’m feeling a little better.

Travel Writing

By Publisher

Okay; I’m officially a contributor for Lonely Planet. Also looking at BootsnAll, since it was recommended by a very prominent travel writer. I realize, there’s nothing to loose and there’s no sense waiting for life to discover me. I’ve gotta go out there and take chances, to at least strengthen my travel writing portfolio, and get on with the writing business.

A freelance writer today means having to go out on a limb to chase story ideas–it’s profoundly insane notion coming from an upright Virgo with a perfectionist twitch. But it’s just the medicine I need on a personal level.

  • First Destination for Travel Writing: Albuquerque, New Mexico.