Benq Laptop (Joybook 8100). Photographed by yours truly.

It’s hard trying to find a suitable job here in Flagstaff. I just moved, yet again, into a house this time, surrounded by woods and a little further out of the downtown scene. It’s a nice house,  like a cozy club-house cabin, equipped with a big screen television, games, kitchen stocked with food, a dog and plenty of books. It also has wireless connection.

My female roommate Rachel, 27, works at a brothel and does sex favors in Nevada for two weeks out of the months. She’s a Cancer–astrologically speaking, very social and has bright red hair that she’s spent thousands of dollars to maintain.  Rachel will be speaking at a very important convention in Vegas to BMSN and feminist supporters. The speech will be how it’s important to have psychic protection and energy shields for the dominatrices and lady hookers that are getting abused on a spiritual level.

I’ve had three part-time and absolutely insipid jobs since the last time I’ve written on here. I tried a hotel desk job position, a dry cleaners position and just recently a janitor’s position. I’ve quit each one–realizing I was miserable and getting paid less than what I’d be earning back in high school comparing how much I earn online writing for Demand Studios. And this is sorta me out of college and although the online world isn’t well, my dream job by any means, there’s a happy medium with online writing, and a certain peace of mind that comes with the writing itself.

I don’t have to wear any uniforms, or walk around cleaning toilets for 8 hours straight, just to earn a measly 50 dollars a day, when in that time, I could have earned at least $90, sitting on my ass in whatever garb I want. This is the only profession I can have at least a little pride in. Because it’s still writing after all.

Sometimes I wonder if I can do more with my writing than this. I dream of travel writing.