So. It’s been a while. Again. Here’s the scoop. Was a waitress. Got sorta fired. Was a contracted representative for a health care insurance. Did my GRE exam. Was this close to volunteer in the Peace Corps. Signing up for TEFL International in-classroom course for a four-week training adventure in Mexico. Will be selling my stuff and backpacking soon. God speed. And God help my accidentally-prone habits while I’m out in boonies.

Trying to think of a freelance assignment that has to do with WWOOF and volunteering at sustainable projects in Mexico since I’ll be down there in two months or so. Thinking I’m nuts for doing this. Usually that’s during the time I’m waking up and I’m thinking I’m forgetting something. Then it hits me–my “plans” for my future, and it’s funny, because it feels lie I’m being responsible, at least with my dream, even thought it’s an irrational thing, to backpack and live in another country so spontaneously, but I realize, I might have been considering this for a while.

Gotten back to writing for Demand Studios and completed (4) articles today. I’ve got my dreams laid out in front of me. My mom asked, “Can’t you just stay in Mexico after that?” I’m thinking I will. I want to write but I don’t have any idea what I’ll write about when I’m visiting these places and Zipolite Beach. I’ve never actually travel written before. I don’t know if I’m cut out for it. But I’ll never know if I’m good if I don’t try.