Signed up with TEFL International all online. The financial: $500 for deposit to secure position. Have $1,000 ready by end of month to credit to them so I can get picked up from the airport. $700 in bank for living expenses in Mexico.

Need enough to live off of before job placement.

The little stuff: Get official transcripts from university on Monday. Have local records printed out and ready. Have social security card, passport and birth certificate. Take care of library account–lost book.  Pack light stuff, clothes and accessories. Days are going by slow. Ready to leave. Just keeping on my own until the big day.DS

Demand Studios Writing: Can’t seem to find good writing assignments at Demand Studios. Will keep searching even though there’s nothing right now. This is all I have right now. Can’t wait ’till my life changes for good. No more hustling for money. I want a real job. With real people. That includes real responsibility and hope for the future.