The History of Me (in a nutshell)

There’s a little picture of me from a couple years ago at an art show. Basically this is the tragic look of a whimsical girl that’s got some serious work to do. Very soon after this picture was taken, I was introduced to the world–of makin’ it happen. [Sound of the record player stopping.]

First step to living in the real world is getting serious. For any successful writer -paying dues and finding your means will be the only way for you to be happy. Being broke kinda hinders the creative freedom of your potential, no kdding eh. You gotta be practical in this modern world of urban-mania. Hustle your talents. Get bold or fade out.

If you ask me, it’s still survival of the fittest, but we’re set in a whole new modern ballpark.

My greatest challenge was being born a writer. It’s my by-product of all of my human experiences that happens without question. I’ve been constant journaling and then in college I found an actual profession called “Journalism,” and it just sounded like a proverbial calling. I graduated, was an editorial assistant for a year and wrote a good amount of local articles.

Was hoping for a real job in this area but it was like destiny refused to give me an easy career.

The year 2008 was when the world gave birth to yet another freelance writer. I was kind of sputtered out kicking and screaming and yelling, “Nooo! I want a normal job!” until I realized that I was sorta making an ass out of myself and well geez. I’m already here and I’m doing okay. Just keep swimming in the direction of this current and see what happens.

So one day, I thought to look at the cup half full for once, be optimistic about the changes of the world -and set goals. Why? So I can start kicking ass, because I’ve gotta prove some people wrong. We’ve all got our fights, right?

I’m making some blogs in efforts to help my freelance profession actually succeed. I’ve also decided to write a biography of my adopted life and work on a creative investigative book about the future of the Internet. And to earn money, which is the biggest thing, I’ve been trying to write more on Demand Studios, so I can actually earn enough money to live on my own.

This job actually been helping me to set small goals for myself every day and be amongst writers in the same boat. Some are even on jet skis, seriously earning $150 a day. These Greed gods of SEO speed writers smoke me but also encourage me to keep chugging on my own little-engine-that-could. I’m like like the turtle in the race. lol.

A day in the life of me: consists of SEO writing assignment, research on the Internet, writing this life biography, and now I’m looking for a place to live because I’ve earned enough money for a couple months of cheap rent, probably with weird roommates but what can ya do with little-to-nothing. Waiting for the passport to come in the mail too! Then I’m going to Mexico. [ Not.]

All in all, I’m hoping to make a difference some day. But you can’t help others until you help yourself first.