Here I am at home, chug-chuggin away on my little train of dreams. Hard at work every day at the table, eyes focused and brain chewing cinders, burning through different ideas, reading and writing… scribbling notes, eating chocolate and marshmallows for lunch and cereal for dinner, just because it’s optional. And I can’t cook.

You know, life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what that little dude is like until you just bite into in. Sometimes, gotta keep chewin’ even when it’s coconut or black licorice, or something putrid, like booger flavored…

  • Progress report: Null. Just sent out a cover letter and resume to Outside Magazine for an internship position! Think I may just want to freelance a story instead. Maybe I shall!

There’s also a new blog site that I ran into while surfing the Internet. It has re-invoked my passions for travel writing. It’s called, “Dustrotter,” a series of travel videos and this guy’s off making lots of travel videos that I’ve never even thought of. He’s got his own radio station and his trips are funded. That’s just genius. Pure genius!

…I think a video camera in my hands would be like a lifetime award of gummy worms to a three year old. It would be like handing a motorcycle to a giddy roadee with a bad attitude. I would just take off…

Who knows where my destiny leads. Gotta keep at it. [Hidden Tip: The road to nowhere -ha, ironically, has to start somewhere! And that place is usually right where you’re a standin.’]