The Internet is the new Matrix, didn’t ya know? So are you plugged in or what? How long can you Twitter? lol. Anyways! I’ve been looking into it due to my marvelous habit of asking incessant questions, and have found out that the future of cyberspace and net applications are predicted to get very interesting coming 2020!

Also, there’s an Internet2 that may be going commercial, making everything virtual, encouraging the advent of ehealth, allowing us to have epantries that will be doing our grocery shopping for us and the list is infinite. Will look into more of this. A new book called, “The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It,” written by Jonothan Zittrain, looks hot.

…Saucy. Okay. I wonder, will any book publishers be interested in Little Miss Novice to well, investigate the technological landscape of the future to follow the fiber optic trails and see -what that thingy does! Just jokin.

Also, I was writing on the Demand Studios forum board yesterday, about the future of DS writers and after I was done reading my own piece of work, I concluded that I’d make a very good conspiracy theorist. I’ve got the imagination and for some reason, my attention span would rather debate about this stuff for hours, rather than get to work.

Tomorrow: Work at Demand Studios from 8 AM- 2 PM.  3 PM – 5 PM Investigate the Matrix : ] 6 PM-9 PM Write Biography. 10 PM- 11 PM Stare at a Wall. Good Schedule. Probably won’t happen exactly in this order, but we’ll see.