Motel 6 on 24th St. and Roosevelt Phoenix, AZ // Feb. 20, 2010

It is situated not only next to a train but also next to the Phoenix Airport. I slept there last night, and was constantly rattled by the ding-dong-dings of the “caution, train coming” signals, the bump-bump-BUMP of the train thunderously rolling by, the gargantuan roar of the airplanes lifting off every 15 minutes and the snoring of a neighbor on the other side of my paper-thin wall. Motel 6 quality is always determined by the individual ownership and this place had the bare minimum things, no coffee pot, no continental breakfast, not even shampoo bottles. The bedspread had some cute sorta Picasso style designs which made as the focal point of the rest of the plain room. There is a security guard that I noticed, around 11 PM, which made the outside neighborhood of strip clubs and cracked-out homeless people, a little more friendly. It is just two blocks away from the Light Rail System, but walking through this neighborhood is seriously asking for trouble. People are very shady over here. All in all, I would say:

Don’t sleep here. I was charged$62 TOTAL with tax for a Friday night, when later on, I found a very cute hotel just two buildings down, charging the most –$44.  That hotel is brown. Look for the brown hotel. Over and out yo.