The Wanna-be Travel Writer

By Stephanie Flood

I’m gonna just be honest with you all. I’ve never been lucky. I’ve been successful but I’ve never been that person to win raffles, find a hundred dollar bill, etc… but maybe my luck will change some day.

Me? I’m just a writer, dreamer and wanna-be traveler like many. I’ve always viewed the world as this extremely exotic place full of boundless mysteries and measureless beauty. Going off where the winds take me at times.

There’s that book, Into the Wild, about a guy that breaks out of the barriers of conventionalism to live life at a simplified pace in the wilderness. That person is a hero to me. Because, I’ve never really belonged anywhere.

During college, I walked into an International youth hostel and suddenly felt at ease. The persona and people at these places, the viewpoints and their lives– traveling lives, were so free from the burdens of urban society. I’ve found an odd comfort on the road..

But where does that road lead? I wondered. For a while it’s been like I’ve been driving around in circles, not knowing where to go.

One day, my friend Megan handed me this book, Nothing to Declare, by Mary Morris, acclaimed travel writer. I had trouble puting it down. This is when I realize, that I wanted to live a life of adventure, to explore with an open heart and fill the wind in my sails, to travel write.

I applied for my passport, but I don’t know why. I’ve got responsibilities here in the U.S. trying to start a life at 24; I don’t have money to spend my meager savings on travel! It’s an unreachable pipedream, it seems. But that’s the crazy thing; the dream will keep dreaming whether you like it or not, sometimes.

Then something else come my way. I’m always reading this traveler’s website, Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site, who blogs while traveling the world. There’s a contest to win two weeks in Costa Rica.

My heart goes cuckoo. Do I dare believe, that I could win this? Still, a thought inside me said, I have to try… it’s that damn dream of mine, never quits.

I dare say, this would be my golden ticket to actually be able to see a new country. To feel sunlight on my face from another country, swim in the ocean, hop at hostels or hotels, absorb all that there is to see and do!

…Then the doubts come… I’ve always had to work hard to surive, no silver platter, just a typically average life. I finished college and although I had dreams about travel writing, blogging and living a life of adventure–the practical aspects of life are like gravity that can’t be avoided sometimes, not for a girl like me…

All I’ve had for two insanely long years thus far, is online freelance writing at Demand Studios. No joke.

So, Matt and the many followers, it all comes down to these moments right now! I realize, my luck rests in the hands of all of you. If I win this trip, it could fund two weeks for articulate reviews, sight-seeing, travel blogging and travel writing. I’d know just what I’d do.

…Because all my life, I’ve always dreamed of this. I always hope, maybe my luck will change one day… and it all starts with you. Please help me win this trip!


Nomadic Matt and Gap Adventures are giving this trip away and that it is our contest I am entering: