I rummaged through Orion magazine online today -at my local library. I was sitting the cute little area called the Teen Section next to a bunch of 12-year-old kids. Just to rebel.// …I found what appeared to be an unspoken quest to grasp what it means to be human, in this age of everything <consumerism, materialism, capitalism, globalism. You name it. We’ve got it.>

I shuffled through the online articles. One article -in the Culture and Society section- was called, From the Editors. Here’s a summarized caption that spoke directly to me, making my bones quake and my head a polite nod.

“For many, society has become synonymous with cognitive dissonance. Those of us who pay attention to the larger state of human and natural affairs are bombarded daily with truly horrific news…There is a bleakness all around us. There is also extraordinary opportunity to remake the world… We will shape this moment, and every moment, by how we choose to see, and to act on, what we know.”

I scroll down for more.

  • Oracle in the Desert, by Craig Childs, is about an ex-cop hiking through Arizona wild terrain on the search to redeem himself and his humanity.
  • It’s a moving tale. >> The writer, runs into him as he’s living in the back of his truck with hiking gear. It’s about one man’s search for something more, after being involved in the urban zoos of crime and destitution.

I tried to blog about it while I was sitting, but the monitor I was using was toy-sized and it squashed most of the screen’s layout. I stood up and started checking out some library books on writing resumes. I drove back to my parents house lost in thought, as the sun lowered to bless the desert hills and mountain landscape around me.

Thoughts rise and fall like an infinite ocean as I ignore my heart’s calling: Orion Magazine’s bold quest to preserve humanity and our collective cultures of the contemporary world, my own “cognitive dissonance” with getting a stable job and my own insatiable urge to follow my heart…

Flash Progress Report

  • I applied (1) internship at Spin Magazine and about (3) Conde Nest administrative jobs.