It’s tough grappling with the events of one person’s life, especially if it resembles a cyclone. This is the memoir of a 24-year old adopted Filipino growing up in Wisconsin and then moving to Phoenix, Arizona at age 15. Within the walls of these graffiti-filled pages are whimsical dream impressions, a crushing reality, inadequate parents, a post-traumatic brother, mystical experiences, pain, a new poodle named after Cassiopeia -the constellation,  and then some.

It’s tough coming from no place. It’s harder still when you’re done with college and ready to start a new life, but the ghosts of the past make you perpetually unhappy. Until the day, you find the courage to face the mess. Equipped with one  lap top, a Nike duffel bag of journals and still this beating heart that won’t give up–I’m turning a new leaf . I’m going to write this damned thing, my story, the unbelievable, the rattling, the poetic and yet ordinary.

This is a memoir of the girl that has passed through everyone’s fingertips. With a double-name and a pain buried deep. In the life she leads, she writes at Demand Studios by day and by night, she takes out the ciphers of her lost childhood and ridiculous life now, to finally put this endless puzzle–together. The challenge rises to new stakes. It’s called, hope.