By Pengo

By Pengo

I woke up this morning with the thoughts of Asia on my mind, traveling, living life on a whim. There was this sudden drive in me, strong as a train, to get my Visa 2 application documents ready to mail to a recruiting agency. 

The criminal background check  was done at my local police department this mroning, where a man in a wheel chair talked about the white sandy beaches of Mexico and Belize. He wanted to know what I was doing there.

“I’m trying to get outta here,” I say. “My soul’s aching to travel and see places. I just have to do this.”

I want stabilty but  not in the way of settling; maybe that’s what has scared me into being on the go again. Having a place to live has not made me happy; all I do is pace at my house, and when I’m with my boyfriend, I’m gazing out the window telling myself, “this is what I want.”

Still, I woke up this morning and felt change take over.

There’s  really no fooling the spirit in me, this twinkling thing that’s got years of disobedience and adventure still left crackling and stewing, smiling with a hint of mischeif, knowing me, the real me and that I haven’t given up yet.