Got a good lede up in Ecuador but I don’t wanna say too much. My God, it’s a gold mine where I’d be heading! A travel writer in the heat of the jungles of no man’s land…

>>Yes it’s a cool dream, the life of a travel writer, and I’m going to do it someday. Maybe not this instant but just as soon as I earn enough money. Oh geez.

Mary Morris, female travel writer, has been on my mind–thinking, how did she do it? Blasted, that woman’s a genius! San Miguel sounds like such a cool place to live too. I’m going there someday, along the ocean-side just as soon as I find my own place.

And that good ‘ole Rolf Potts: He’s got some major authentic travel experience and wise tips and I want to read his book, Vagabonding.

  • I’m waiting for my Passport in the mail just to have in case the U.S. turns into a socialist country.

[Hidden Tip: Start from where you are and then move out. Don’t just jump off to a new country when you only have enough savings to survive where you are. Plan methodically. Look at what you have and figure out what to do with it.]

“The Sonoran Desert is right next door to me, here in Arizona. Mostly, this area is a drive-through-only place, literally, with rest stops and fast food dives that encourage you to just keep on ’till you’ve reached the ocean, or the border…”

But alas, I am here smack-dab ugly metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona. Better face up to that fact.

  • I’ve whipped in (1) query letter about the Sonoran Desert

“The trick it to look at life from different angles. Now I would call this place a forsaken jewel. Living in the desert is just how you look at. Stand on it’s tan, rocky terrain at sunset, you’ll be surprised at what you’ll see, life budding only in rare occasions, century-old cacti and howling coyotes… right on the other side of my brick wall…”

-Quote by Me/2010